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    Car Care Product Abbreviations - Aussie Version
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    #00==Meguiar's Hi-Tech Wash
    #1==Meguiar's Medium-Cut Cleaner
    #2==Meguiar's Fine-Cut Cleaner
    #3==Meguiar's Machine Glaze
    #4==Meguiar's Heavy-Cut Cleaner
    #5==Meguiar's New Car Glaze
    #6==Meguiar's Cleaner/Wax
    #7==Meguiar's Show Car Glaze
    #9==Meguiar's Swirl Remover 2.0
    #10==Meguiar's Clear Plastic Polish
    #16==Meguiar's Professional Paste Wax
    #17==Meguiar's Clear Plastic Cleaner
    #18==Meguiar's Clear Plastic Detailer
    #20==Meguiar's Polymer Sealant
    #26==Meguiar's Hi-Tech Yellow Wax
    #34==Meguiar's Final Inspection
    #36==Meguiar's Hi-Tech Cleaner
    #38==Meguiar's Tire & Trim Dressing Gel
    #39==Meguiar's Heavy Duty Vinyl Cleaner
    #40==Meguiar's Vinyl & Rubber Cleaner/Conditioner
    #62==Meguiar's Car Wash Shampoo and Conditioner
    #66==Meguiar's Quick Detailer
    #80==Meguiar's Speed Glaze
    #81==Meguiar's Body Shop Professional Hand Polish
    #82==Meguiar's Body Shop Professional Swirl Free Polish
    #83==Meguiar's Dual Action Cleaner/Polish
    #84==Meguiar's Compound Power Cleaner
    #85==Meguiar's Diamond Cut Compound
    #96==Meguiar's Medallion Premium Leather Cleaner
    #97==Meguiar's Medallion Premium Paint Cleaner
    #98==Meguiar's Medallion Premium Paint Polish
    101== Duragloss PC (Polish & Cleaner)
    105==Duragloss TPP (Total Performance Polish)
    111==Duragloss CCP (Clear Coat Polish)
    601==Duragloss Bonding Agent
    1Z==Einszett products
    303==303 Aerospace Protectant
    3MFI==3M Finesse-It products,
    3MPI==3M Perfect-It products
    4*==Four Star Products
    A2Z==Eagle One A2Z All Wheel Cleaner
    AG==AutoGlym Products
    AIO==Klasse All-In-One
    APC==All Purpose Cleaner
    AW==Duragloss Aqua Wax
    BBT==Big Blue Towel (MF)
    B&B==Poorboy'w World Bold n Bright
    Beer==Special Aussie Detailing Drink
    BO==Bowdens Own
    CB==Clay Bar
    CD or CCD==California Car Duster
    CK==ClearKote products
    CM==Clay Magic
    CT==Cotton Towel
    CW==Cleaner Wax
    DACP==Meguiar's #83 Dual Action Cleaner/Polish, D
    DC==Digital Camera or Detail City
    DP==Detailers Pride Products
    DPPSS==Detailers Pride Premium Surface Shield
    EGP==Autoglym Extra Gloss Protection
    EO==Eagle One products
    EX==Poorboy's World EX Sealant with Carnauba
    EX-P==Poorboy's World EX Pure Sealant
    EX-P+==see above
    FG==3M Finishing Glaze
    FMJ==Menzerna Full Molecular Jacket Paint Protectant
    FP==Menzerna Final Polish
    GEPC==P21S Gloss-enhancing Paintwork Cleanser
    GW==1ZGW Einszett Glanz Wax
    H2O==Water (for Ratty)
    IG==Stoner's Invisible Glass
    IHG==3M Imperial Hand Glaze
    IP==Menzerna Intensive Polish
    KSG== Klasse Sealant Glaze
    LC==Lake Country (Pad manufacturer) or Leather Conditioner
    LS==Pinnacle Liquid Souver?n wax
    LSP==Last Step Product
    LV==Lexol Vinylex
    Meg's or Megs==Meguiar's products
    MF==Microfibre or Microfibre Towel
    MG==3M Machine Glaze
    MGC==Meguiar's Gold Class products
    MP==1ZMP Machine Polish, Einszett Metallic Polish
    MSLT==Stoner's More Shine Less Time spray
    MT==Microfiber Towel
    MW==ClearKote Moose Wax
    NL==Poorboy's World Natural Look Dressing
    NXT==Meguiar's NXT Generation Tech Wax
    OB==Orbital Buffer
    OCW==Optimum Car Wax
    OP==Optimum Polish
    OC==Optimum Compound
    OHC==Optimum Hyper Compound
    OTC==Over the Counter
    P21S==Detailing products brand - P21S wax
    PBS==Pinnacle Bodywork Shampoo
    PC==Porter-Cable Orbital Buffer 7424
    PCM==Pinnacle Crystal Mist detailing spray
    PCW==P21S Concours-look Carnauba Wax
    PWC==Poorboys Pro Polish with Carnauba
    PWCB==Poorboys Pro Polish with Carnauba Wax Blue
    PWS==Poorboys Polish with Sealant
    PI3 or PI-III==3M Perfect-It III products
    PI II==3M Perfect-It II products
    POS34A==Menzerna Powergloss
    PO91L==Menzerna Intensive Polish
    PO85U==Menzerna Final Finish Hi-Cut
    PO87MF==Menzerna Final Finish
    AP063==Menzerna Sealing Wax
    PO85RD3.01==Menzerna Intensive Polish for Ceramic Clear Coats
    PO106FF Menzerna Final Finish Hi-Cut for Ceramic Clear Coats
    PO85RD==Menzerna Final Finish High Gloss for Ceramic Clear Coats
    PP==Poorboy's World Professional Polish
    PPCL==Pinnacle Paint Cleaning Lotion
    PPG==Pinnacle Paste Glaze
    PSS==Pinnacle Signature Series
    PS==Pinnacle Souver?n Paste Wax
    PW==Poorboy's World products
    PWC==Poorboy's World Pro Polish with Carnauba
    QD==Quick Detailer
    QD+==Poorboy's World Quick Detailer Plus spray
    QEW==Protect All Quick & Easy Wash
    QS==ClearKote Quik Shine detail spray
    QW==Meguiar's Quick Wax
    RO==Random Orbital
    ROS==Random Orbital Sander
    S100==P21S Products
    SG==Klasse Sealant Glaze
    SIG==Stoners Invisible Glass
    SMR==Swirl Mark Remover
    SRP==Super Resin Polish
    SSB==Stoner Speed Bead
    SSR1==Poorboy's World Super Swirl Remover Light Abrasive
    SSR2==Poorboy's World Super Swirl Remover Medium Abrasive
    SSR2.5==Poorboy's World Super Swirl Remover
    SSR3==Poorboy's World Super Swirl Remover Heavy Duty Compound
    SW==Poorboy's World Spray and Wipe
    S&G==Poorboy's World Spray and Gloss
    TF or 1ZTF==Einszett Tiefenpfleger
    TR==Poorboy's World Trim Restorer
    TW== Turtle Wax products
    UP==1ZUP Einszett Ultra Paint Polish
    UPP==4* Ultimate Paint Protection
    UPC==4* Ultimate Paint Cleaner
    VM==ClearKote Vanilla Moose Wax
    WG==Wolfgang Car Care Products
    WGDGS==Wolfgang Deep Gloss Sealant
    WGBDTG==Wolfgang Black Diamond Tyre Gel
    WM==Wash Mitt
    WSR==Water Spot Remover
    WW==Waffle Weave MF towel
    WWB==P21S Windshield Wash Booster
    XXXX==Queensland spelling of beer.
    Z==Zaino Bros. Products
    Z1==Zaino Show Car Polish Lok
    Z2==Zaino Show Car Polish for Clear Coated Finishes, now Z2pro
    Z3==Zaino Show Car Polish for Regular Paint
    Z5==Zaino Polish for Swirl Marks and Fine Scratches, now Z5pro
    Z6==Zaino Ultra Clean Gloss Enhancer Spray
    Z7==Zaino Show Car Wash
    Z8==Zaino Grand Finale Spray
    Z9==Zaino Leather Soft Spray Cleaner
    Z10==Zaino Leather in a Bottle
    Z12==Zaino Clear-View Glass Polish
    Z14==Zaino Plastic Magic Cleaner & Polish
    Z16==Zaino Perfect Tire Gloss
    Z18==Zaino ClayBar
    ZFX==Zaino Flash Cure Accelerator Additive For Z2, Z3, Z5
    ZCS==Zaino Clear Seal
    ZAIO==Zaino All In One
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    I notice you forgot H2O==Water, not that we're allowed to use any...

    At least you remembered Beer!
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    Thanks Dave,

    Now we'll all sound like we know what we are talking about
    I used to have a life, and money, Then I discovered detailing....
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    Updated with German Menzerna Range. 07/09/05
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    I added ZCS & ZAIO since they're being mentioned a lot lately.
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    Just what I was going to request.

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    you know he posted that last update on 2007-05-18

    Glad he met with your approval though

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    wow...u read my mind
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    Hi Dave, thankyou muchly for the list.As posted earlier, im just getting back into detailing, however the learning curve is still in motion,albiet slowly!!
    Vin :lol:
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    wooo this theme nice ..
    i like this more then then the auto theme.

    pret auto
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