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    Quote Originally Posted by OCDLIFE View Post
    If you are referring to brembo pads yes. They are terrible. I don't know how they got away with making such bad pads and putting them into cars with factory brembo calipers.

    Had them in my Evo. Changed them and never looked back.....

    I had them on white aftermarket wheels. Spend an hour getting them perfect. Stand on the brakes twice the black specks have reappeared.

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    I hear you brother !!!!

    When upgrading my brakes I put in (larger) Brembo GT discs and 4 pot calipers

    When shopping for pads the HiPo Brembos pads (HP2000) where extremely $$$$ so took up the suggestion of the Bosch. Happy
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    Quote Originally Posted by AusAbarth View Post
    New newest favourite detailing product........Bosch Brake Pads !!!

    Now stay with me.....The #1 I loathe with cleaning my Abarth is her white wheels. They look adorable for the fleeing moment when clean and they need a lot of time to get clean only for the delusion of cleanliness to disappear within 10kms of city driving. Yes, coatings help, specialist brushes help, specialist cleaners help but only to an extent.

    When treating her to some Brembo goodness last week I took the opportunity to switch over to Bosch Blue brake pads (on the strong suggestion of a friend). Well OMG the dusting is now marginally at best and the cleaning time reduced by half

    For those of you who drive Euro's - these are highly recommended. Not especially easy to find, but not impossible and well worth it. BTW and a decent pad !!! and not too exxy !!!
    My favourite pads have, and always will be bendix. Fantastic stopping, low dust and no squeaks.
    There's a lot of Japanese brands like project mu that produce phenomenonal pads too.
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    Balled out a little, first gyeon product also. Better be worth it!
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    Also mint cleanser. Do you think I could further the product by using 1:1?
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    2 bucket method with grit guard
    Wash Shampoo - Megs Gold class
    Wash Mitt - Bowdens love glove + grit guard and 2 bucket wash
    QD/Waterless - Optimum Opti-Clean, Megs final inspection
    Degreaser - Simple green aerospace
    All Purpose Cleaner - Simple green
    Decontamination - ZAS Clay Bar
    Interior protectant - 303 Aero
    Window Cleaner - DIY isoprop mix (1:10)
    Microfibre / Drying Towels - Chemical guys fluffy ones aren't half bad, looking into the rag company edgeless eagle ones.

    Compound - Megs 105
    Polish - Megs 205
    Pads- Megs Microfibre and LCC
    Glaze - Amigo Prima (don't use it that much anymore)
    Metal Polish - Mothers, HD metal.

    Wax - Victoria Wax, DP Max Wax
    Spray Wax - CarPro reload
    Sealant - Optimum Opti-Seal
    Coating - PENDING
    Leather - Lexol
    Trims - Solution finish
    Tyres - Megs Endurance

    Hoover heritage steamer
    Gerni + foam gun
    Chonda spec Tornador gun which works really well!
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