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  1. How to Polish Using A Dual Action Polisher

    This short guide will explain the basics of polishing to remove swirl marks, scratches and oxidation using a dual action polisher.

    What is a Dual Action Polisher?

    A dual action polisher has a central spindle and the backing plate is offset with a counterweight. This creates a random orbital pattern that simulates a very effective hand polishing motion.

    Dual action polishers are far safer than rotary polishers for the beginner, as there is no direct link between ...
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  2. BJS Detailing|Brian's Auto Detailing|Ark Barrier Paint Protection

    Quote Originally Posted by BJS Detailing View Post
    Hi, I am the new applicator for Ark Barrier Liquid Glass Paint Protection. I have taken over from Tomo Kashino at Southport Gold Coast. Be interested to know your thoughts and feedback on these Glass Coatings.
    I have been Brian's Auto Detailing for the last 3 years, but will now be known as BJS Detailing.
    Will still run my Mobile Car Detailing Business in Brisbane, but willbe having extra services at my Gold Coast Workshop.
    3M Window Tint, Couplertec Electronic Rust Protection,
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